Wholesale Orders


Our books are available at wholesale prices based upon volume sold per title.

3 books = 30% off

6 books = 35% off

a full carton* = 40% off
* We get better pricing when we purchase a full carton at a time. How many books are in a full carton depends upon the book. Contact us for the number of books in a carton.

Ordering wholesale also allows us to charge you actual shipping costs, rather than an estimate based upon what a single book would cost, which will save you money.

How to order

1. Send an email to editor@irongate.com with “Book Order” in the subject line.

Indicate how many of each title you wish to order along with the title.

[Example: 3x Publish Your Family History, 12x Publish a Biography]

Give us your name, phone number (in case there are questions about the order), and the address where you want the books shipped. We prefer to use UPS on multiple book orders because they can be insured and tracked. If you prefer using a P.O. Box, we will ship by USPS, and the order cannot be tracked or insured. Once the order is shipped, we cannot assure delivery.

2. We will send an electronic invoice to the email address you used to place the order. You may pay by credit card.

3. Once the invoice is paid, the books will be shipped to the address indicated in your email order.