Publish a Local History: A Step-by-Step Guide from Finding the Right Project to Finished Book

If want to write about your local area, or some aspect of your local area (a historic home, a school, a business, a church, or an organization), this book will:

*take you through the four stages of publishing projects
*show you how publishing works
*help you pick a project to publish
*lead you through a research review to see what you have and what you still need to tell the stories in a compelling way
*give you the skills to become a good storyteller
*lead you through the process of editing
i*nstruct you how to prepare your manuscript to look like it was professionally published
*and give you tips for getting the word out that you have a book available

7x10, 300 pgs indexed,
$24.95 Softbound + $5.00 S&H
ISBN 978-1-879579-64-4

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