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Walking Rocky Ford and the Arkansas Valley: A Tour of Rocky Ford, Colorado and Vicinity

David J Muth has written two books about his hometown: Rocky Ford, Colorado—A Walk Past Local Doors, and now Walking Rocky Ford and the Arkansas Valley: A Tour of Rocky Ford, Colorado and Vicinity. In some ways he is still living there in his hometown. His memories are of there but so many friends are not. Yet, some places and long ago venues remain and that’s what Dave writes about in his latest remembrance of Rocky Ford, Colorado. For more information, click here.

Boulder school Census Series, for more information click here.

Boulder County, Colorado Probate Case Files Index: 1862–1978, for more information, click here.

Colorado’s Historical Assets: A Research Guide for Genealogists, Local Historians and History Buffs Containing a Treasure Trove of Museums, Ghost Towns, Courthouses, Historic Homes and Hotels, along with the Libraries and Archives Holding Colorado’s History

If you love Colorado history or do not know that you do … yet, you will enjoy this book. It is not a history lesson, rather a guide to help you research Colorado history so you can see it for yourself. If you have Colorado ancestors, this book is a road map to your family’s story. This book is full of information about Colorado you cannot find in any other single source.

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754 pages that include:

Courthouses & County Government
County Records
County & Municipal Records Held at the State Level
School Districts
Historic School Districts
Fraternal Organizations
City Halls
Archives & Manuscript Collections
Historical & Genealogical Societies
Local Libraries
Historic Hotels
Museums & Historic Sites
Special Events & Scenic Locations
Ghost Towns & Other Sparcely Populated Places
Places on the National Register
USGS Historic Places
USGS Historic Military Places
Military Bases
Post Offices
Topo Quads
Suggested Reading

Map Your U.S. Research: A Workbook for Genealogists

This workbook is intended to help facilitate your locations-based research in the United States. Use the maps to see which counties you are researching at-a-glance. Then use the research notes pages to create a workable research plan. Take this handy workbook with you when you research as a reminder that county boundaries have changed over time. Even if your ancestors stayed in the same place, the county boundaries may have changed around them. Each state includes a list of all of the modern counties with their formation dates, the counties each was formed from, and the counties that were created from them. Often it is not a matter of whether there are records for your family, but discovering where they exist.

This workbook is an invaluable tool for genealogists who wish to take the next step in their research.

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Digging Up Dirt: The Gold Hill Cemetery, Gold Hill, Colorado

Digging Up Dirt

Digging Up Dirt is an in-depth journey that takes you into the lives of over 290 inhabitants of the Gold Hill Cemetery in Gold Hill (Boulder County) Colorado, From the earliest tombstone in 1875 to the latest death in February 2019, the beloved graves (known and unknown) that lie in peaceful tranquility within the gates of this 153 year-old cemetery. Historical facts, early documented records, ancestral information, extensive genealogy and articles from the earliest newspapers available create an unforgettable adventure highlighting the author’s awesome respect for these dearly departed.

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Directory of Genealogical and Historical Societies, Libraries, Archives and Museums in the US and Canada, 2022

“… A welcome resource for genealogists who have exhausted local or state sources. Over 40,000 societies, periodicals, historical collections and archives listed … “

This useful reference book will give you access to:
* 22,000 Genealogical and Historical Societies
* 10,000 Public and Private Libraries, Archives and Collections
* 15,000 Historical, Home, Schoolhouse, Pioneer and Depot Museums

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