District 49­—Bunce School Census Records 1886–1900

Boulder County, Colorado District 49­—Bunce School Census Records 1886–1900: An Annotated Index

This volume contains the names of more than 450 students, administrators and parents. These school district census records are valuable genealogical and historical research tools in that they help to establish people in place and time, and establish relationships between children, their parents and their siblings during a critical period when the 1890 census for Colorado does not exist. Males and females were recorded separately, but not always. Names are generally alphabetical. The children are listed by name, followed by their age. The adults are listed by name, followed by their titles in the case of school district employees, or by their relationship to the students—parent, guardian or spouse. In some years, the place where the student was living was included. Towns or sections were included, although full addresses were not. The census is listed as it was written to help maintain hints to relationships where they are not explicitly given. There is an alphabetical index after the census listings.

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