Boulder, Colorado Births 1892–1906: An Annotated Index

Boulder, Colorado Births 1892–1906: An Annotated IndexThis index has been compiled from the original birth records filled out by physicians after a birth and turned in to the County Clerk. They were then recorded in the Birth Records Book, Volume 2, for Boulder County. Often the forms were not turned in until months after the birth. Based upon the form numbers recorded, there are many missing certificates for this time period. There are many different types of forms in the records so the information available for each individual can be quite different. The more complete forms include the following information: the record number, the child’s name, the child’s color, the child’s sex, whether the child was born alive or not, the place where the child was born, the hour and date, the father’s name and occupation, the mother’s maiden name, where the parents lived at the time of the birth (often different than where the birth took place), the names of the other children (sometimes just the number of siblings), notes about any additional circumstances (including information about the death of the child or the death of one of the parents), the physician who attended the birth, where the physician resided, the date the form was filled out (or returned to the clerk) and the page and volume number where the birth was recorded.

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