Map Your U.S. Research: A Workbook for Genealogists

This workbook is intended to help facilitate your locations-based research in the United States. Use the maps to see which counties you are researching at-a-glance. Then use the research notes pages to create a workable research plan. Take this handy workbook with you when you research as a reminder that county boundaries have changed over time. Even if your ancestors stayed in the same place, the county boundaries may have changed around them. Each state includes a list of all of the modern counties with their formation dates, the counties each was formed from, and the counties that were created from them. Often it is not a matter of whether there are records for your family, but discovering where they exist.
This workbook is an invaluable tool for genealogists who wish to take the next step in their research.

978-1-68224-041-0, $27.95