Boulder County, Colorado Probate Case Files Index: 1862–1978

The Boulder County, Colorado Probate Case Files Index: 1862–1978 is an index to the physical estate case files located at the Colorado State Archives. There are almost 20,000 estate case files listed in this index thanks to the work of staff at the Colorado State Archives and a tireless group of volunteers.

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A big thank you to Kevin Luy with the Colorado State Archives who made it possible for a group of volunteers to index the probate case files from around the state of Colorado on location at the archives, in order to give genealogists and researchers access to them.

Many, many thanks to the following volunteers who spent countless hours in the archives helping with the indexing project, not just for Boulder County, but for counties around the state: Peggy Baer, Arlene Baldwin, Ellen Beller, Beth Benko, Dawn Bunyak, Debi Clark, Christine Cochran, Joy Davis, Barbara Dubin, Randy Getz, Susan Goldman, Al Gordon, Kay Hartrick, Risa Heywood, Jim Holitza, Shirley Jenkins, Cina Johnson, Nina Judd, Sue Koscove, Ellen Kowitt, Donna Krowen, Barry Levene, Elaine Levy, Mary Ann Looney, Gail Marcus, Kay Mariea, Mick Mickelson, Al Nelson, Maura Nelson, Corwin Oldweiler, Rita Rosson, Amy Schlotthauer, Maggie Schmidt, Debbie Schwartz, Connie Strandberg, and Sylvia Tracy-Doolos.

If I have forgotten anyone who helped, my sincere apologies.

Boulder Probates 1862-1978